Yellow Rose – Frisco, TX

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December 5, 2020 – Frisco, TX (2020 Updated Location)


Comerica Center
2601 Avenue of the Stars
Frisco, TX 75034
(214) 387-5600

In an effort to promote safety and adhere to social distancing and capacity regulations, Redline has teamed up with and BoxCast to bring a live stream of today’s event straight to you!

Click here to view broadcast of event:  eCheerEvents

Comerica Arena Covid Map 2020-2021 Redline Please click on link to view map of Comerica Arena and the required flow of athletes and spectators for the event.  Take note of special instruction on the map as well.

Frisco December 5, 2020 Information Packet Click here for important information regarding the December 5, 2020 event.  

Schedule will be posted on RegChamp for coaches to view on Sunday evening.  Final schedule will be released Wednesday on RegChamp.

Update 10/11/2020

Redline Friends,

We were informed yesterday afternoon that UT Tyler has made the decision to cancel all outside University activities on campus through February 2021. Obviously this comes as a surprise as we had a fully executed contract, however, we completely understand and respect their decision. Upon receiving word of the cancelation, we immediately contacted the Comerica Arena in the Dallas area for availability. We are happy to announce that we secured the facility on the same day as the original date, just in the Dallas metroplex!

We understand this could be a burden so please contact us with any concerns or questions. If travel is an issue, we have come up with plans to help schedule your teams at a time that allows you the ability to travel the morning of the event and back home that evening at reasonable hours. We have our Covid guidelines posted at on the front page if desired. It is our sincere hope that this change of venue does not negatively impact your program in any way!

If you would like more information, please call or text us at 806-340-6012 or 806-340-9610, email at

Thank you!

Jeb Harris