Midwest Classic – Kansas City, MO

MIDWEST CLASSIC KANSAS CITY DETAILS 2020 PDF Updated 1/21/2020 Please click here for important information regarding the event!  We have changed the times for the event.

SCHEDULE:  Schedule will be posted on RegChamp for coaches and directors viewing only the week before the event.  We will finalize schedule the Wednesday before event and make available to coaches and directors.  We will have copies of the performance order the day of the event for free.

THE VERY IMPORTANT STUFF 🙂 –We are aware that it is Super Bowl Sunday and we know that there are plenty of Chiefs fans in addition to just good ol’ football fans as well!  We have taken every step we can to make sure we interfere as little as possible with Sunday afternoon, including going to 4 minute rotations on the performance mat.  Also, we have confirmed the facility will have all of the pre-game activities on all tv’s throughout the facility.  And, they will have all the beverage areas open around the facility as well!  We have every intention of wrapping up the event by 1:00 pm!