College Rule Changes

2016-2017 Summary of College Rule Changes

A. Definitions

A12. Allows rewind to be from one foot on the ground. This will allow heel stretch and other “one foot down” positions. Does not allow toe pitch, but would allow leg pitch (see below).

A12. Allows front flipping rewinds in addition to back and side flips. This will allow bird front type of stunts and leg pitch flips as long as they follow other specific rule restrictions for rewinds.

D. Stunts

D5. Allows a handstand from the ground to land in a handstand. Handstand skills still require an additional spotter.

D6. Allows a cradle to release to a handstand position. This can be to a handstand stunt or to grab the waist on the way to a handstand to the ground.

D10. The phrase “to the performing surface” was added to this rule to clarify its intent. Flips that begin or end in a stunt are covered in Rule D11.

D11.a.1. We changed the restriction on the top person twisting in a rewind to allow one half twist.

D11.a.3. Though the new definition for rewind allows one foot on the ground, a toe pitch rewind is still prohibited.

D.11.b.2. Because we allow face up/prone landings from flips, we also want to allow half twists to that position.

D.11.b.3. Added “double based horizontal position” in addition to cradles and floor dismounts for front flips.

D.11.b.4. Added “or horizontal position”. Note that this can be a ¾ to face down (supine) or 1 ¼ to face up (prone.)

E. Pyramids

E.4. Added “and horizontal landings.” Prone landings are allowed, but we still want them to have a catcher on each side.

E.5. Added “face up horizontal” and “to the performing surface” to allow front flip dismounts to land in these positions, still requiring two people on each side for the catch.

E.6. We have consolidated several other pyramid flip rules into a new “flips into pyramids” section.

E.6.a. Allows front or back handspring entry.

Allows toe pitch on a rewind to pyramid.*

Allows double based load.*

* These changes are designed to allow for better completion of the flipping skill before landing on the 2nd layer. 

E.6.b. The initial change to allow 1 ½ flip into handspring for the 2016‐17 has been rescinded for review for the 2017‐ 18 season. 

E.6.b. The top person may not land in an inverted position from a flip, even if contact is made between the top and 2nd layers prior to the inverted position. They can land on their feet or in a horizontal position.

F. Tosses

The initial change to three trick twisting baskets for 2016‐17 has been rescinded for review for the 2017‐18 season.